Shooting an Elephant

In the story “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orewell one non political issue about this story is embarrassment because he did not want to look like a fool in front of everyone so he did what everyone around him wanted to do. He thought that if he killed he would get respect becaus no one was getting respect. Everyone was relying on him to kill the innocent elephant because he was the only one with a riffle. He didn’t want to kill the elephant because it was an innocent animal and it did not do anything harmeful to anyone. A beyond political issues would be that he is getting peer pressured into doing something that he did not want to do. He could have gone with his instinct of not killing the elephant because is was an innocent animal but he wanted to please everyone around him in order to get respect. By him killing the elephant it made him look like he did not have any self worth and that his opinion doesn’t matter. He could have not killed the elephant but he did anyway because he was in front of tons of people so he felt pressured. He was not true to himself because he went against his own beliefs. He killed the elephant but he really did not get anything out of besides him five seconds of fame because he did what others wanted him to do. A political issue that matters to me is animal cruelty. I don’t believe that people should kill animals because they are mean or cruel. They give off the fence of satisfaction because they killed a certain animal. I believe that animals have the same feelings as humans do. Just because animals don’t talk they will still listen to the words people say or others commands. There are other political issues that many people don’t pay attention in today’s world.